My current work is based on cave interiors, especially the formations of flowstones, stalactites, and stalagmites.  The earliest known drawings over 30,000 years old are found in caves.  Humans have been drawn to these chambers for a very long time, and I am no exception.  During the past eighteen years, I have visited nearly 100 caves and photographed the settings.  The artwork is inspired by these images.  Nostalgia is often referenced in the use of decades old fabrics for the base of paintings.  This reference to the past is then partially hidden by layers of screen printed and hand painted images.  The layering suggests the passage of time and accumulated memories.  Repeated imagery becomes a rhythmic pattern that suggests that one is looking at something that is part of a larger, unseen whole.  My artwork alludes to the fact that we are all part of a larger realm measured in geologic time.